Visit us, our strategic location makes Hotel del Bosque Rainforest EcoLodge the best place for you to discover the best attractions of Costa Rica, which are recognized worldwide.

Sarapiquí River (25 min)

Río Cuarto Volcanic Lagoon (20 min)

Toro Waterfall (35 min)

Las Gemelas Waterfalls (35 min)

Río Agrio (35 min)

Wildlife Recue Center (15 min)

Hot Springs  (20 min)

Poas Volcano (80 minutes )

La Paz Waterfalls (30 min)

La Selva Biological Station (25 min)

Arenal Volcano (45 min)

rio agrio

Rio Agrio

Sarapiqui Costa Rica

Sarapiqui Rivers justa at 25 minutes


Hot Springs Resort just at 25 Minutes

poas volcano costa rica

Near to Póas Volcano

toro waterfall costa rica

Toro Watrefall

Arenal Volcano across the lake

Arenal Volcano across the lake

tours near sarapiqui costa rica 1

Biological Station

toro waterfalls costa rica

Las Gemelas Waterfalls